Q. What is the treatment of my shoulder which displaced 6 times ?

A. Arthroscopic bankart repair is the treatment of your displaced shoulder.

Q. What is the treatment of frequently displaced shoulder ?

A. Frequently displaced shoulder is associated with fracture of humeral head & glenoid

    rim and loosening of labram, capsule and muscle. Latarjet operation is  the treatment

    of choice for frequently displaced shoulder.

Q. Which is the main ligament of the Knee ?

A.  Anterior Cruciate ligament is the main ligament among the four ligaments of the Knee.

Q. Which graft is commonly use for ACL reconstruction ?

A. Hamstring tendon of patient's own is commonly use for ACL reconstruction.

Q. What is the treatment of meniscus injury ?

A. Depending on the size and type of injury injuried meniscus is partially resected or

     repaired or resected & repaired.

Q. What is the treatment of recurrent Tenis Elbow ?

A. Arthroscopic debridement of Extensor Carpi Radialis Brevis (ECRB) muscle and tendon

     is the treatment of recurrent tenis elbow.

Q. I am suffering from advanced OA with bowing of my left knee. What is the treatment ?

A. Total Knee replacement is the treatment of your knee.

Q. I have sustained trauma to my left shoulder 2 months ago. Now I am unable to raise

    my arm. X-ray shows no bony lesion but MRI shows tendon tear. What is the treatment ?

A. Arthroscopic rotator cuff (tendon) repair is the treatment.

Q. Why I can not put my hand behind the back, into my pant's back pocket properly ?

A. Probably You are suffering from Impingement of shoulder. Arthroscopic decompression

    and muscle strengthening exercise completely cure the problem.

Q. What is the treatment of pain over the outer part of my patella during bending ?

A. Probably this pain due to Excessive lateral pressure of patella. Arthroscopic lateral

    retinacular release relieves pain.

Q. My rt Knee cap (patella) displaces outerside during bending. What is the treatment ?

A. Depending on the age and severity of displacement arthroscopic lateral retinacular

     release, medial patellofemoral ligament (MPFL) reconstruction  and or medial

     shifting of tibial tuberosity are treatment of displaced knee cap.

Q. I got pain in my shoulder during throwing cricket ball. Now pain is continuous and

     aggravates with overhead activity. What is its management ?

A. Possibly your shoulder is suffering from labral injury. MRI and Arthroscopic procedure

    will overcome the condition.


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